Uno Universal Rawlplug 144 Pieces Mix

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Mixed pack of yellow, red and brown universal rawplugs
Suitable for all substrates
Secure wall fixtures with more confidence
Secure your wall fixtures with confidence with Rawlplug's Uno Universal Plug Mix in yellow, red and brown. Perfect for interior decorations, handrails, kitchen units and more, the short Rawplug is designed with unique geometry which anchors itself into your desired wall. Guarunteeing maximum expansion and grip, Rawplugs have an anti-rotation feature which will prevent spinning in the hole, a lip which prevents plug slipping into over-sized holes, and 100% assurance of proper anchoring within the desired hole.

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Pack Size: 144
Includes: 48 of each: 5x24mm, 6x28mm, and 7x30mm
Packaged Size: 19 x 8 x 5cm
Range Plus: No