UniBond Lead Silicone Grey 300ml

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Pure, low modulus neutral curing alcoxy silicone. Excellent UV, weather and ageing resistance. Stain free on most substrates.
25% movement capability.
Lead grey colour.
Non-corrosive and tin free.
Forms a waterproof and permanently flexible join.

Sealing and pointing of lead.
Excellent adhesion on most construction substrates, including all types of lead BS-EN 12588 (1999). Joints on gutters, down pipes and venting.
Steel roofing.
Sealing overlaps in rigid sheet roofing.

Curing system: alcoxy.
Curing speed (+23°C, 50% RH, cross-section of joint 20x10mm): 2 mm / day.
Movement capability: 25%.
Temperature resistance: -50°C to +120°C. Elongation at break: 500%.
Skin formation time (+23 °C / 50% RH): 40 min.